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How to Make Dental Crowns Look Lifelike

Dental crowns are a popular and durable way to restore smiles after the loss of a tooth, or to effectively seal and protect a tooth after a deep cavity has been filled or root canal treatment. If you have recently had restorative treatment completed, or are worried you may be facing the loss of a tooth soon, then a crown may likely be required. However, if you are worried a crown will diminish the beauty of your smile, there is no need to fear. Porcelain dental crowns are carefully designed to be both beautiful and natural-looking, creating restored and lifelike smiles.

What Makes Porcelain an Ideal Choice for Creating Dental Crowns?

  • Dental porcelain offers a number of benefits for patients, both cosmetically and structurally. First and foremost, porcelain is strong and durable, making it an effective and dependable choice for crowns. Much like the natural enamel of your teeth, it is highly stain and chip-resistant, so much so that today’s porcelain crowns can be used for even your most heavily-utilized teeth, such as your back teeth, or molars.
  • An added benefit unique to porcelain, unlike the metal sometimes used to create crowns, is that it is also highly customizable. This allows expertly trained craftsman to customize each crown to suit a patient’s unique esthetic needs.
  • In addition to making crowns that are the same size and shape of your other teeth, these skilled artisans can even match the shade and translucency of your other teeth, helping to create an incredibly natural-looking, lifelike smile.
  • Once a custom crown has been created specifically for you, we will carefully bond it to your teeth, so that you can rest assured the crown will be firmly secured. This will also enable you to smile, speak and chew naturally and comfortably.


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