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What If Your Dentures Didn’t Move?

After tooth loss, it can be challenging trying to adjust. Not only might you feel self-conscious about a gap in your smile, many patients struggle to regain proper function of their teeth. In fact, many adults that experience tooth loss struggle with malnutrition, because it can be difficult to chew adequately and comfortably with missing teeth. Dental implants offer a stable way to restore your smile, so you can do more than eat comfortably again. You can actually enjoy your meals. That’s because dental implants are a permanent and stable way to complete your smile.

Implants Do More than Beautify Your Smile

Dental implants rely on either a fake tooth, partial dentures or a porcelain crown to cosmetically complete your smile. Unlike other forms of restorative treatment, however, implants are secured in place using a titanium post, which is surgically inserted into your jaw and helps nourish it the same way a healthy tooth root does.

Titanium is an ideal choice for dental work because it’s not only strong, it’s also highly biocompatible. This means that after you have healed from the treatment, your jaw should be restored to its original health.

The stability of a dental implant helps you have confidence while speaking or chewing. It can also help you maintain proper nutrition even after tooth loss, because no foods will be “off limits,” or too difficult to chew.

Is Restoration Always Necessary?

If you’ve only lost a single tooth, near the back of your mouth, you may be tempted to delay treatment. However, restoration is almost always essential to maintaining your oral health. Without some form of a replacement tooth, your other teeth will likely try to shift into the gap created, often causing problems for your alignment. This can also damage the structure of your jaw, leading to soreness, stiffness and pain. This is way restorative treatment is highly recommended, regardless of the missing tooth’s placement within your smile.


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