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Not Into Silver and Gold? How a Porcelain Crown Can Help

Dental crowns have long been used to complete smiles after tooth loss, or to help protect a tooth that’s been damaged by a deep cavity, chip or other forms of decay. Unfortunately, for many years those crowns only came in two colors, silver or gold. The bright metal crowns were highly visible, even in the back of the mouth. Plus, many patients experienced heightened sensitivity when enjoying hot or cold drinks or foods, because of metal’s heat conducting properties. Thankfully, modern dentistry relies much more heavily on porcelain crowns, as they can complete smiles both esthetically and functionally, offering self-conscious patients all the benefits of restorative treatment, with the beauty of a natural-looking smile.

Crowns Can Do a Lot

While dental crowns are often considered restorative treatment meant to complete a smile after the loss of a tooth, they can actually serve a variety of functions. For instance, a crown can be used to protect a fragile tooth, or one that has become slightly damaged. If you’ve noticed a chip or crack, a dentist might affix a crown to keep the damage from worsening. The same goes for a cavity. While fillings are still frequently used to cover a tooth after a cavity, crowns can offer further protection and functionality.

They Look Good Too

Plus, modern dental crowns are made to look like your other natural teeth. That’s great news for anyone who’s worried about feeling self-conscious after having dental work done. Rather than the shiny metal crowns often used in the past, porcelain is made to match your teeth’s natural shade and sheen.