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How a Tooth-colored Filling Can Improve Your Smile

Have you recently started experiencing dental pain? If so, are you bewildered as to why that could be. While there are a number of reasons you might be in discomfort, such as nighttime teeth grinding or an abscessed tooth, by far the most common source of dental pain is a cavity. A cavity refers to dental decay, generally caused by plaque bacteria buildup, which has progressed to the point that it has eroded the enamel of the teeth. This exposes the more sensitive layer beneath it, called the dentin, and when this happens a dental visit is necessary to help stop the decay and protect the tooth from developing an infection. In most cases this can be accomplished through a simple restorative procedure, which involves cleaning the tooth and then filling it with a tooth-colored filling.

Cavities are Surprisingly Common

Did you know that nearly 100 percent of adults across the globe will experience a cavity at some point in life? Many will experience multiple cavities, but that doesn’t have to be your fate.

Preventive measures can drastically reduce the likelihood that you will develop a cavity. This includes daily brushing and flossing, but also regular checkups and cleanings during which the dentist can remove plaque buildup. Without the regular removal of plaque, you are very likely to discover a cavity. This is why dentists recommend six-months checkups.

Restorative Treatment to the Rescue

If a cavity has already formed, the only solution is restorative treatment. Because teeth cannot repair themselves the way other parts of your body can, dental treatment is necessary to repair the damage done by decay, as well as to prevent worsening symptoms.

The good news is that treatment like a tooth-colored filling can quickly get you functioning like normal, and restore your smile cosmetically, as well. After cleaning the tooth thoroughly, the dentist can use a composite resin to fill the hole the cavity created. Because it’s shaded to match your teeth, the resulting restoration will be both functional and beautiful.