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Keep Your Smile Healthy with Proper Preventive Care: Part One

While many people pay attention to the look of their smiles, it’s just as important to care for their health. A dazzling white smile won’t last long, after all, without proper preventive care. Preventive care is actually quite simple, and involves a combination of oral hygiene and a healthy diet, as well as regular professional dental cleanings. If you want to maintain a lovely smile over the course of your life, it’s time to learn why preventive care is crucial.

Practice Good Hygiene at Home

Great dental health begins at home, with twice daily tooth brushing and flossing. Yes flossing. Many people neglect flossing; studies even indicate most patients lie about their flossing habits to their dentists. But brushing alone cannot prevent plaque buildup, making flossing an essential preventive technique.

Adequate flossing can drastically reduce how much plaque is able to gather around and between your teeth, limiting the likelihood that you will develop cavities or gingivitis, the first stage of gum disease.

The Role of a Healthy Diet

Another way you can help to maintain a healthy smile, at home, is by eating a well-balance diet. Your nutrition plays a vital role in how healthy your mouth and gums are. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables plus lean protein, provides much-needed nutrients to your teeth. And, avoiding too much sugar or too many starches can help limit plaque. That’s because plaque bacteria feed on sugars. When you eat or drink too many sweets, you are much more likely to develop cavities.