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Professional Teeth Whitening Can Show the World You Care

Most people could benefit from a brighter smile. After all, your smile is one of the first impressions you give to the world. If it’s healthy and shining it’s clear that you take pride in caring for yourself. Unfortunately, if your smile has started to look dingy or discolored, it can make people believe the opposite is true. Taking care of yourself – especially your smile – is a great way to show your competence to your bosses, your loved ones, and the others you encounter daily. Plus, if it’s clear to them you take great care of yourself, it’s easy to believe you’ll take good care of them, too! It’s time to consider the many ways professional teeth whitening could enhance your already great life.

What Benefits Can Professional Teeth Whitening Provide?

Professional whitening offers a number of perks, particularly when compared to over-the-counter options or home remedies. While those may be able to lighten your teeth by a few shades, professional whitening can often lighten teeth by several shades, and often much quicker, too.

That’s because your cosmetic dentist can provide you with stronger products and a customized treatment plan, which can address even deep staining or discoloration caused by foods, drinks, or even tobacco products.

Many dentists offer a combination of in-office or at-home treatments, allowing patients to select the option that meets their needs and budgetary concerns. For instance, in-office treatment is a great option for anyone wishing to drastically whiten his or her teeth in a short amount of time, usually in less than an hour. However, the cost is more than a take-home treatment.

Professional at-home whitening options can still provide drastic results, but will likely take longer to complete treatment. Some patients find it preferable, though, due to the cost savings.

Other Reasons to See a Cosmetic Dentist

Either way, your dentist can help ensure you have a whitening option that will help you achieve your desired results, while minimizing the risk of sensitivity. (That is a chief complaint about many over-the-counter bleaching systems.)

Plus, your cosmetic dentist can also help give you tips about how to maintain your whitening results as long as possible. Finally, if the staining or discoloration is due to problems within the tooth, your cosmetic dentists can offer alternative treatments, such as teeth bonding or veneers, to help beautify your smile.