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Go Back In Time with Cosmetic Dentistry

Would you like to turn back the clock a few – or a lot of – years? Most people start to long for their younger days as they grow older. But you don’t have to wish for time to move backwards, when a cosmetic dentist can help your smile look more youthful. Erasing years’ of stains through professional teeth whitening and removing excessive gum tissue that can sometimes grow as you age can enhance your smile’s natural beauty and bring out the confidence you enjoyed in your youth. If you want to start the new year feeling refreshed, and beautiful, it’s time to call your cosmetic dentist.

Whiter Teeth Look More Youthful

One of the first indicators of age is the appearance of the teeth. Even healthy teeth can begin to discolor as time progresses, leaving a smile lacking the brightness it once boasted. To correct this, many cosmetic dentists offer patients a variety of professional teeth whitening treatments, which can be used to erase years of stains in a relatively quick amount of time. If you’re in a hurry for whiter teeth, in-office whitening is the fastest solution, one which can often be completed in less than an hour. At-home whitening, however, can provide similar results at a fraction of the cost, for patients willing to commit to a few weeks of whitening treatment in the comfort of their home.

What to Do About Uneven, Excessive Gum Tissue

Excessive gum tissue is another common problem as people age. To correct this a cosmetic dentist, sometimes working with an oral surgeon or gum specialist, can help remove excessive gum tissue, helping to reveal a more symmetrical smile beneath. This is called gum contouring.

If your once proportional teeth are starting to look uneven or disproportional, it could be because of the shape of your gums. A cosmetic dentist can help reveal a more beautiful smile by sculpting away tissue, and allowing more of the teeth to show.