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More of Your Dental Symptoms Decoded

It can be difficult to know what various dental symptoms mean, and as a result many people ignore potential problems, even dental emergencies. This, unfortunately, often causes worse troubles for their teeth and gums down the road. If you want to avoid the need for extensive restorative treatment, it helps to know the warning signs – or clues – your smile sends to let you know there’s an issue. Recognizing and responding to signals, quickly, is the best way to keep your smile healthy now and for many years to come.

Dental Pain or Discomfort?

If you’re experiencing dental pain, either all over your mouth or isolated to a single tooth, it’s likely a warning sign that you have a problem. While sensitivity is common and not always a sign of danger, pain is usually indication of trouble.

From a simple cavity to an abscessed tooth (which can often be quite painful), your mouth is likely trying to tell you something is wrong. Prompt restorative treatment, such as a filling or root canal therapy, is generally the best way to help eliminate your pain, while also restoring the look and function of your smile.

Red, Swollen Gums?

Many people overlook red, swollen or even bleeding gums, especially if they only notice issues as they’re brushing or flossing. Unfortunately many people believe this to be the flossing’s fault, and so they stop flossing. But bleeding gums are actually an early indicator of gum disease. If your gums don’t appear pink, you should schedule a checkup. Removal of plaque, either through a traditional cleaning or ultrasonic scaling, is generally the best way to restore the gums’ health.