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What Expectant Moms Need to Know About Oral Care: Part One

Every mom cares about the health of her children, but sometimes in an effort to put their needs’ first she can neglect her own care. In the case of dentistry, in particular, many expectant moms believe dangerous untruths that can cause them to delay important preventive dental measures during their pregnancy. In fact, pregnant moms are far more likely to develop gingivitis, due to fluctuations in their hormones. This is an excellent reason to attend regular cleanings; some may even require additional dental cleanings during pregnancy to prevent the progression of gum disease. Unfortunately many skip out on treatment for fear it will have negative repercussions on their growing babies. Studies indicate that most preventive and even restorative care is both safe and important for moms-to-be, so if you’re preparing for the arrival of a son or daughter, make sure caring for your smile is part of your preparation!

Dental Cleanings Are More Than Okay During Pregnancy

Many pregnant women notice swollen, sensitive or bleeding gums while expecting. This is often caused by fluctuations in hormones, and is referred to as pregnancy gingivitis. A regular cleaning is often enough to eliminate plaque buildup, which can reduce or reverse the side effects of gum disease. However, in some cases, more extensive cleaning or ultrasonic scaling may be necessary to restore your gum’s health.

Your dentist can determine which is needed, and let you know how often you will need a cleaning during pregnancy. Some pregnant women need to visit the dentist more often than the normal guideline of every six months.