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What Expectant Moms Need to Know About Oral Care: Part Two

It’s not uncommon for many moms-to-be to have concerns about visiting the dentist while pregnant, but dentists and doctors agree maintaining your oral health is vital for your wellbeing and can be beneficial for your baby as well. In addition to regular checkups and cleanings, most restorative treatments are also safe during pregnancy. While there are a few reasons you might be best postponing treatment, generally doctors approve of restorative treatment as a way to protect your smile and prevent worsening dental issues that could negatively affect your overall health while expecting.

Most Restorative Treatments Are Safe, Along with Preventive Care

Unless your pregnancy is considered high risk or you are taking certain medications, most restorative treatments should be safe for both you and your baby. Of course, you can consult with your doctor if you’re concerned and you should definitely do so if you’ve had any complications.

Simple fillings, though, and other basic restorative treatments have been proven safe for expectant moms. Even dental x-rays are considered safe for most patients, including those that are pregnant. (A leaded apron is used to help add further protection, but it’s unlikely your doctor will require you wait on having a dental x-ray performed.)

The anesthesia used by most dentists is also considered safe, so you can be comfortable and confident seeking treatment while pregnant.

There really is no reason to put off restorative treatment until after your baby arrives. In fact, delaying treatment may only cause your problems to worsen requiring more extensive treatment down the road.