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Shine Brighter this Holiday with Porcelain Veneers

Do you want to feel confident smiling for holiday photos, and to put your best smile forward as you enter another new year. This marks a wonderful time to finally tackle the imperfections with your teeth that have long caused you to feel self-conscious, and you don’t even have to write a wish list to Santa Claus. Porcelain veneers are an incredibly effective and beautiful way to address cosmetic concerns, so that you can spend the holidays treasuring time with the people you love. Veneers can also help you capture special moments, confidently, showing of a smile as bright as this festive season!

The Many Reasons Veneers Remain Popular

Veneers are a wonderful form of cosmetic dentistry because they provide an incredibly long-lasting and natural-looking way to correct tooth imperfections. And, because dental porcelain can now be crafted into incredibly thin veneers, very little preparation must be done to your healthy teeth’s enamel in order to fit you with veneers.

In order to create a lifelike enhancement, veneers will be made to match your teeth in shape, shading and sheen. The resulting smile is natural-looking, yet more uniform and symmetrical than prior to treatment.

If you want a seamless way to hide imperfections, veneers are an excellent choice.

What Exactly Can Veneers Address?

  • Disproportionally small teeth, or those that are misshapen
  • Jagged or worn edges due to normal wear or trauma
  • Minor chips or small cracks
  • Permanent staining or discoloration caused within the tooth
  • Gaps or minor spacing issues between teeth