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Got Questions for Your Restorative Dentist? Part One

Are you tired of suffering with dental pain in silence? Or, are you feeling curious why there’s a seemingly sudden change in your gumline? Many patients delay a trip to the dentist, out of concern about discomfort or the cost of restorative treatment. However, most are relieved as soon as they’ve had their smile problems corrected, not only because they’re able to get back to living without pain or discomfort, but also because their smiles look and feel better! If you’ve got questions about your oral health, your restorative dentist has answers. So don’t put off a visit, which could help save your smile.

Is that grey line a cavity?

Yes, probably. Grey lines or dark marks on teeth are often indication of a cavity, particularly if accompanied by sensitivity or pain. Prompt restorative treatment such as a simple dental filling is generally the best way to treat a cavity. And thanks to modern tooth-colored fillings, you won’t have to sacrifice the beauty of your smile in order to have restorative treatment completed.

How do I know if my gums are healthy?

Many patients don’t realize that healthy gums are actually light pink, by nature. If you’ve noticed red, purple or other dark shades appearing, particularly in certain areas of your mouth, it could be due to plaque buildup. In fact, you could already have an early stage of gum disease known as gingivitis. This is responsible for irritated, swollen and often red gums. It can also cause them to bleed easily, particularly during flossing. Gingivitis is often the cause of chronic bad breath, as well, giving you plenty of reasons to seek restorative treatment.