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Keep the Kids Smiling with Pediatric Dentist-Approved Gifts

While Santa is busy bringing the kids items off their wish lists, you could be sneaking some wonderful dental tools into their stockings. Though few things compare to seeing the delight and joy on your kids’ faces as they open those fancy packages they’ve been dreaming of for months, as a parent you know that few things are more important to their long-term wellbeing than having healthy bodies and smiles. So this year strike a balance between gifting them with things they want, and what your pediatric dentist advises, like making sure they have all the tools necessary to develop healthy teeth and gums.

Stocking Stuffers and Dental Sealants

For younger children, it is easy to find toothbrushes and even toothpastes with their favorite cartoon characters or action heroes on them. These make for great, smile-friendly stocking stuffers the kids won’t even realize are good for them.

  • Just make sure to choose well-made soft-bristled brushes.
  • Look for the American Dental Association’s seal of approval, to know you’re getting a quality product.

For older kids, consider an electronic toothbrush, which might make brushing more fun and also incorporates their love of technology and gadgets. Make sure to include a fresh box of floss, too, since keeping their gums healthy is just as essential as keeping their teeth clean.

Though it might not be something you want to wrap and place under the tree, dental sealants are another wonderful way to protect your kids’ smiles, helping to make cavity-prevention much simpler and more effective. Even if you don’t have time during December to see the dentist, now is a great time to call and schedule appointments for the whole family early next year.

Finally, rather than relying on candy to fill up the rest of your young one’s stockings, choose healthier alternatives like small toys, games, puzzles, and even their favorite fresh fruit, a tradition that many parents grew up accustomed to.

  • Small apples and mandarins are stocking-sized and big hits with most kids; plus, unlike sugar-laden treats they provide lots of valuable nutrients!
  • Plus, making sure your kids are getting adequate nutrition, and avoiding too much sugar, can help their next dental checkup go much smoother!