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My Teeth Are Yellow; Will Professional Whitening Help?

Does it seem like your teeth went from slightly discolored to incredibly yellow overnight? Many foods and drinks can have a staining effect on the enamel of your teeth, as can tobacco products and other lifestyle choices, such as choosing to go to bed without brushing your teeth or eating a diet high in sugar, which can lead to rapid plaque buildup causing decay and often discoloration. The good news is that this discoloration doesn’t have to be permanent. Professional teeth whitening is particularly effective at treating staining, so that your teeth can be restored to a beautiful white. So if you’re tired of feeling mellow, over your teeth’s yellow tone, talk to your cosmetic dentist about how professional whitening can help!

How Did the Stains Start, Anyways?

As mentioned, many popular beverages, foods and other dietary factors can lead to discoloration. Soda, coffee, dark teas, red wine, and berry-based drinks and dishes can all cause discoloration, especially with repeated use. Tobacco products can cause even more drastic discoloration, often very quickly. Fortunately, professional whitening through a cosmetic dentist is one of the best ways to address tooth staining!

What Makes Professional Whitening Effective?

Using safe peroxide-based products, cosmetic dentists can generally help patients lighten teeth by up to ten shades during one treatment, whether a patient chooses at-home or in-office treatment.

In-office treatment is considerably faster. In fact, it often takes less than an hour to complete. This is thanks to a special light, which helps to activate the whitening product, speeding the results without causing sensitivity for most patients.

At-home treatment offers a different benefit, namely that it is even more affordable than the in-office option. Unlike over-the-counter options, though, it is designed to provide the same dramatic results of in-office professional whitening, but in the privacy of one’s own home. Usually at-home treatment requires wearing the product for approximately an hour or two, over the course of one to two weeks, though your dentist can provide more specific guidelines based on your degree of staining and your desired results.