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Start the Year Right, with Restoration for Your Smile

No one wants to spend a new year stuck with the same old dental problems. But many people, even those suffering from dental pain, delay restorative treatment because they are worried about what the procedures will entail, or the cost. Actually, many restorative dental treatments are relatively simple and minimally invasive procedures, which can drastically improve a smile’s appearance, a person’s overall oral health and his or her comfort. So this year, tackle one of the most important to-do’s you can, to take great care of your smile, by getting the restorative treatment your smile needs. That way you can enjoy your life, and show the world you’re doing so, with a fabulous smile!

Deal With a Cavity By Having a Filling Completed

One of the simplest and fastest forms of restorative treatment is a dental filling, which is minimally invasive and highly effective at treating a cavity. By first cleaning the area thoroughly, and then applying a composite resin, your dentist can help stop the dental decay caused by a cavity, and then protect the tooth from further damage.

And, because the resin is made to match natural teeth’s shading, the resulting restoration is less noticeable than the metal fillings which were previously prominent, though some dentists may still recommend a metal filling, particularly if a back, less visible tooth is the one affected.

What Can a Root Canal Do for Your Smile?

Another less common procedure is root canal treatment, which can be used to treat an infected tooth. During this procedure, the dentist must first remove any infected portions of the tooth, and then sanitize the area thoroughly to prevent reinfection.

Afterwards, a dental crown can be used to improve the appearance of the tooth, but also to add effective protection from further problems down the road, by bearing the brunt of your chewing and sealing the tooth.

Depending on the placement of the infected tooth, you may wish to choose a porcelain dental crown, because of its natural appearance, a metal crown, or a combination of the two in the form of a porcelain-fused-to-metal crown, which offers the strength of metal with the beauty of porcelain.