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Smile Tips from Your Children’s Dentist: Part One

Do you sometimes worry that your kids’ smiles are not as healthy as they could be? It can often be difficult to determine if your children are caring for their smiles as well as they should. It can be even more challenging to determine if they are struggling with any dental issues, like a cavity. Fortunately, your pediatric dentist has some wonderful tips for helping to keep your entire family’s smiles healthy, including your kids’ precious pearly whites!

Dental Hygiene and a Healthy Diet Are Imperative

You have probably already taught your kids the importance of brushing their teeth twice a day. Unfortunately most people, kids and adults alike, fail to floss regularly. Flossing is as essential as brushing, because it helps remove the bacteria that falls between teeth, where brushes cannot reach.

If you are not sure how to floss correctly, or are simply having difficulties teaching proper technique to your children, the American Dental Association has a number of helpful videos online. Your pediatric dentist can also demonstrate how to floss at your children’s next dental appointment.

Keep in mind that no amount of dental hygiene is a substitute for a healthy diet, though. Providing your kids with the nutrients they need to develop strong bodies can also help them maintain healthy smiles.

Of course, limiting certain foods is also essential to keeping your children’s teeth and gums healthy. Sugar is particularly dangerous for dental health, because plaque bacteria feed on sugars. So limiting the added sugar your kids consume each day, can help to prevent cavities and other oral health issues.