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What is it Like to Whiten Your Teeth?

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming more and more common in today’s world of the camera phone, Instagram, and the ever-present selfie. Your smile represents you to the visual world, and confidence can brighten it almost as much as professional whitening. The process can be deceptively simple, especially with our KöR Deep Bleaching System. For this way of whitening, each patient conveniently only needs to come into the office one time.

Who Would Benefit From KöR Deep Bleaching?

Anyone with stains on the outer layers of their teeth would generally have good results with KöR. These type of stains come from drinking things like red wine and coffee without brushing or rinsing afterward. Other surface staining habits are smoking cigarettes and chewing mouth tobacco. A consultation with your dentist will reveal whether you’re a good candidate for KöR Deep Bleaching, or perhaps need a treatment like veneers.

How Long Does KöR Deep Bleaching Take?

The KöR System begins with an hour-long session in your dentist’s office. There, you will wear trays with a professional-strength bleaching agent that will whiten not only your enamel, but also the layer of tooth underneath it. After that initial session, you will take home a custom kit of trays and bleach to wear every night while you sleep. Keep this up for 10-14 nights, and the results will shine brightly. If at some point you want to give yourself a boost, just pick up some more of the bleaching agent from your dentist.

What are the Alternatives?

Deep bleaching is both minimally invasive and effective. You will keep your natural tooth in tact and also get that confidence boost to widen your smile in your selfies. Alternatives like veneers will definitely make your smile pop, however the cost can be greater and they may require maintenance. If you choose KöR Deep Bleaching, make sure to take all of the necessary step to keep your teeth whiter and make the most of your experience.