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4 Smiles That Might Benefit From Teeth Contouring

If you spend a lot of time on the internet and make-up blogs, you may be aware of facial contouring. That’s when you give your features the appearance of edges with expertly drawn highlights and shadows. With teeth contouring, the principle remains the same, though the canvas may change. Your dentist will shape your tooth with special tools to give them a more pleasant, even appearance. Teeth contouring will work on natural teeth with slight imperfections like points, ridges, or a small overlap. If you have any of these kinds of smiles, you may be able to fix your problem in one sitting with teeth contouring.

You Have a Vampire Smile

If you have pointy teeth that make you look like a vampire, teeth contouring would be a great fix for you. Your dentist will polish away some of the enamel layers on the outside of your tooth, to leave behind a smile a little more mortal. Each teeth contouring session should only take one visit, so you should be ready for daylight in no time.

You Have Picket-Fence Ridges

If your teeth have picket-fence ridges on the top, your dentist can polish those down. While it may seem quaint for a house in the suburbs, it’s far less cute on a tooth. Give your tooth a normal, rectangular look with teeth contouring.

You Have Uneven Teeth

If you have teeth that reach uneven heights, consider teeth contouring to tame them into shape. Teeth contouring will leave you with all of your original teeth, just in a more perfect and organized fashion.

You Have Little Overlaps

If you have little overlaps between your teeth, your dentist might be able to fix them with teeth contouring. For gaps, teeth bonding might be a better solution. If you have questions about your specific case, contact your dentist for a consultation.