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Some Things Just Are NOT Too Good To Be True

Although dental treatment has become faster, easier, and more comfortable over the years, some treatments can still seem complicated and expensive. You may be wondering if there is anything simple and inexpensive that you can do to improve the esthetics of your smile. There is! Composite bonding is a fast, easy, and affordable way to improve your teeth. See, some things just are NOT too good to be true!

The Procedure

Dental bonding is quick, easy, and painless. Your dentist will perform the following steps:

Tooth preparation: The surface of your tooth is lightly etched and then coated with a special liquid to provide an effective bond between the composite resin material and your tooth.

Material application: The composite resin material is added to your tooth in a putty-like state, then shaped and smoothed to the desired shape and size.

Curing: The composite resin material is cured, or hardened, to become one with the tooth, using a special ultraviolet light.

Finishing touches: Once the material is hardened, it will be trimmed and shaped again as necessary, then polished to match the surrounding dentition.

In most cases, you can have up to three teeth done in 30 minutes to an hour.

The Benefits

There are many benefits associated with dental bonding such as:

  • It’s fast, easy, affordable and painless.
  • It’s cheaper than having veneers placed.
  • It requires little to no preparation.
  • It requires no tooth structure removal.
  • No shots or anesthesia are necessary.
  • It can be performed in one visit.

What Can Bonding Be Used For?

Bonding can be used to correct many of the same dental issues as dental veneers, only easier and cheaper. Some problems bonding can be used for are:

  • Teeth whitening
  • To repair spaces, gaps, or diastemas between teeth
  • To repair broken, fractured, cracked, or chipped teeth
  • To lengthen worn teeth; or to lengthen teeth that are too short
  • To correct overlapping or misaligned teeth
  • To cover teeth with pits or craze lines