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When Should Your Kid First Visit A Dentist?

Did you know that although your child might just be starting to have their baby teeth come in, underneath them, their adult teeth are also beginning to develop within their jawbones? The health of their baby teeth now can have a profound effect on the quality of their adult teeth. Around their second birthday, or as soon as their first tooth erupts, is when your kid should first visit a dentist. Your dentist can provide your child with the services they need to ensure they have a healthy smile now and well into the future.

Kid Approved

Establishing a regular routine of your child visiting the dentist should begin when they are around their second birthday or whenever their baby teeth begin to develop. During these visits, your dentist will gently remove plaque and tartar from their teeth as well as provide you and your child with information on how to maintain their healthy smiles. From this point on, you should start scheduling regular checkups and cleanings for your child at least every six months.

Other pediatric services your dentist can provide include dental sealants, which are a thin layer of biocompatible plastic that can be applied to the surface of your child’s teeth to prevent leftover food debris and plaque from gathering in their teeth’s crevices. This, along with brushing and flossing twice a day, will help prevent your child’s teeth from developing cavities and tooth decay. Contact your dentist today and help protect your child’s smile.

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