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How Restorative Dental Work Preserves Your Smile

The purpose behind performing restorative work is to protect your oral health against problems like tooth decay. This means removing areas of decay, but it also requires protection for a tooth that has been impacted by a cavity. Thanks to modern materials, your dentist can actually preserve the quality of your smile during restorative dental work. Your restoration can match the appearance of your surrounding teeth, so that no unwanted attention is drawn towards it. Thanks to this advancement, patients will not have to worry about leaving the dentist’s office with a conspicuous metal filling or crown.

Your Experience With Composite Fillings

By providing white tooth fillings that imitate your enamel, your dentist can equip you with a restoration that appears to be natural. The resin material is also beneficial because it bonds with your enamel, and because it is less sensitive to changes in size caused by temperature. The result is an inconspicuous filling that is less likely to cause discomfort, and more likely to stay firmly in position.

Using Ceramic To Craft Dental Crowns

Crowns are relied in in restorative dental work when a problem has done more damage than a filling can support. Your dentist can produce a life-like ceramic dental crown to guard your tooth, and thanks to E4D technology, you can have that crown in less time. The tools your dentist requires to design, produce, and place your crown are all available in the office. By eliminating a waiting period for your restoration, your dentist provides you with permanent protection sooner.

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