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Dealing With A Cracked Tooth

Suffering a cracked tooth can be alarming, painful, and stressful. It can also put your tooth in jeopardy of an internal infection. If your tooth’s pulp is exposed by a crack, bacteria can enter and attack the living tissue housed in the chamber. This can put your tooth in real jeopardy. Your dentist can help protect you from further harm by performing a root canal treatment in order to stop you from suffering internal tooth problems. In order to guard your tooth, your dentist can use a dental crown to offer life-like support.

An Infection In Your Tooth’s Pulp Can Be A Serious Threat

Problems within your tooth can come from an advanced cavity, as well as from a physical injury, particularly one that exposes your pulp. You can notice a problem because of ongoing pain, or an unusual level of sensitivity. If no action is taken against this issue, your tooth can be damaged to the point that your tooth has to be extracted. It is important to move quickly if you have a problem that may call for a root canal.

Restoring Your Tooth With A Dental Crown After Treatment

Dental crowns are used to provide restorative care to damaged and vulnerable teeth. If your tooth is cracked, your dentist will use a crown for protection. This restoration is also provided after you undergo a root canal. E4D technology places all of the tools necessary to make your crown in your dentist’s office, so you can have yours after one visit. Because this technology uses natural-looking ceramic, your crown will not become a distraction in your smile.

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Can Help You Deal With A Cracked Tooth

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