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Providing Cavity Treatment With A Dental Filling

Treating a cavity with a dental filling protects you from future infections, and helps keep your tooth stable after decayed material is removed from your enamel. Your dentist will use a resin material that looks like your tooth enamel, so you will not have to worry about a conspicuous restoration that disrupts your appearance. This material is able to bond directly to your enamel, so that it stays secure. With metal fillings, small spaces between the filling and your tooth can sometimes invite oral bacteria to infiltrate. It is important to seek cavity treatment promptly when you need it – delaying care allows the problem to worsen, which can make your treatment more complicated.

Putting Off Oral Care May Mean Suffering A Cavity Too Serious For A Dental Filling

As a cavity continues to worsen, its growth will lead to more permanent damage of your tooth. Eventually, that damage will reach a point where a filling is not recommended for your restorative dental treatment. Your dentist will instead need to place a dental crown, which covers your entire tooth above your gum line. If decay leads to an infection within your tooth, you will have to undergo a root canal treatment.

You Can Have A Restoration That Does Not Disrupt Your Appearance

Your dentist can provide you with a restoration that avoids having a disruptive impact on how you look, thanks to the use of modern materials. In addition to fillings crafted with cosmetically pleasing resin, you can receive a dental crown made from ceramic. With E4D technology, your dentist can have a ceramic crown produced for you in a single appointment.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury If You Need A Dental Filling

At Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, you can have a dental filling that supports your tooth, and preserves your appearance. Seeking timely restorative care is important – the longer you wait, the more time your cavity has to continue attacking your tooth. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pizzi, Dr. Mehdi, and colleagues by calling our office at (508) 842-8838. Located in Shrewsbury, MA, we offer expert oral health care to patients from Worcester, North and South Grafton, Westborough, Southborough, Northborough, Boylston, Hopkinton, Millbury, and all surrounding communities.