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Quiz: Dealing With Different Cosmetic Dental Concerns

Will your dentist be able to offer a cosmetic dental treatment that addresses the issues you most want to change about your smile? In cases where problems affect your appearance, but not your oral health, cosmetic work can make big improvements. In addition to improving the color of your teeth, you can enjoy a treatment that corrects issues like spacing, minor damage, and even some developmental flaws. With porcelain veneers, you can actually address multiple issues – even forms of discoloration that whitening agents will not correct.


True Or False: Discoloration of teeth can take place because of extrinsic discoloration, or intrinsic discoloration, and professional teeth whitening is only recommended to address extrinsic discoloration.

True Or False: There is no cosmetic solution for minor chips and cracks, or for teeth that developed improperly.

True Or False: Some people see cosmetic improvements to their smile after undergoing a gum contouring treatment.


True! Extrinsic discoloration is the term applied to stains in your enamel that affect tooth color. Intrinsic discoloration comes from issues within your tooth. While whitening agents are able to make big improvements for smiles with extrinsic stains, you can require a different procedure for intrinsic issues.

False! Porcelain veneers are able to hide problems with the shape and integrity of teeth. However, it should be noted that your dentist may recommend a dental crown to support a tooth with flaws that affect its ability to properly bite and chew.

True! For some patients, the way to a better smile lies with correcting issues with their periodontal tissue. A gum contouring treatment helps by evening out tissue, or reducing excess tissue.

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