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Quiz: Recognizing Symptoms Of Oral Health Concerns

Even if you are confident in the health of your smile, you should take the time to go in for routine dental exams. Typically recommended every six months, these visits include a professional teeth cleaning, as well as a careful study of your oral health, so that you can be made aware of any potential concerns. Of course, if you feel that something may be wrong, taking the time to have your dentist check a possible problem can be important. If you do have a problem, undergoing restorative dental treatment sooner reduces the amount of time it has to grow more severe.


True Or False: If your tooth causes persistent discomfort, it can be a sign that you have a cavity that will need a root canal treatment.

True Or False: Gum disease is painless, and there are no visible symptoms to let you know that something is wrong, either.

True Or False: If your jaw movements are painful and limited, you could be experiencing TMJ dysfunction.


True! A cavity that has attacked the interior of your tooth will require a root canal. If you have a persistent toothache, ignoring the problem will put that tooth at serious risk. If nothing is done in time, it may be too late for a root canal, as the damage can grow so severe that you have to have it removed!

False! While you may not experience outright pain, you can still notice issues like swollen or sensitive gum tissue. Gum recession, and an increased frequency of bleeding can also occur if you have a periodontal problem.

True! TMJ pains stem from jaw problems, but they can cause trouble in the form of chronic headaches, as well as neck and face pain.

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