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3 Possible Reasons Your Teeth Have Lost Their Whiteness

One marker of a healthy, attractive smile that many people take notice of is the whiteness of your teeth. A bright smile is something people often desire, as it can do wonders for your appearance. Unfortunately, there are several potential threats that can dull your teeth, and leave you self-conscious about them. With the right cosmetic dental treatment, your dentist can help you reverse the effects of stains and other problems impacting your smile’s color. In many cases, patients come away thrilled with the results of a professional whitening procedure. That being said, there are cases where discoloration is caused by intrinsic issues, which will call for a different treatment method.

1. Tobacco Products

Tobacco products pose serious oral health risks. If you smoke, or use smokeless tobacco, you are setting yourself up for a range of potentially serious problems. If a history of tobacco use left you with teeth that exhibit an unflattering yellow hue, a whitening treatment can attack stains left in your enamel.

2. Stains From Dark Or Color-Rich Foods And Drinks

Dark and color-rich foods and drinks can cause problems if you want to keep your smile white. You may count on coffee or tea to carry you through a busy workday, but these beverages can leave behind unattractive stains. Color-rich foods, and other dark liquids can also have this impact. A whitening treatment can help you gain back your whiter smile against these problems.

3. Intrinsic Discoloration

Intrinsic discoloration refers to any internal issues that lead to discoloration. They may be caused by certain medications, by physical injury, or other issues. Because these problems can persist even after applying whitening agents, another solution, like the placing of porcelain veneers, can be preferable.

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