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3 Things To Keep In Mind If You Have A Cavity

Cavities are a common problem, one that patients are typically well aware of. With dependable preventive dental care, and a smart diet, you can limit your risk. With regular dental checkups, you can add to your dental protection. That being said, people who feel confident in their oral care habits can still find themselves dealing with tooth decay, and needing restorative dental care. When you understand the threat that a cavity poses your oral health, and recognize how your dentist can restore your smile, you can limit the potential harm done by a cavity.

1. Your Cavity Will Continue To Grow Until Your Dentist Treats Your Tooth

One thing you should be conscious of is how your cavity will continue to grow without your dentist’s help. Until you arrive for restorative care, decay will continue to harm more of your tooth. Eventually, that will lead to internal tooth problems that make a root canal necessary.

2. Your Restoration Can Preserve Your Appearance

You may worry that a cavity may permanently affect your smile. What you should know is that the restoration your dentist puts in place can actually minimize any change to your appearance. Tooth-colored fillings and ceramic dental crowns are available to you when you need cavity treatment. Once placed, your restoration will blend in naturally with your surrounding teeth.

3. You May Not Realize When A Cavity Has Started To Form

One thing to keep in mind is that when a cavity first forms, you may not notice a problem. This can lead to people feeling falsely confident in their oral health. Regular dental exams are important partly because they give your dentist a chance to warn you about problems that may be escaping your detection.

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