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Beginning The Invisalign Treatment Process

Your dental alignment can have a real impact on your smile, but your oral health is also potentially affected by crooked teeth. It may feel as though metal braces are your only option when you want to address spacing and alignment issues. While this traditional orthodontic appliance can certainly help you fix these issues, many patients, particularly adults, worry about the effect it will have on how they look. Fortunately, you can see impressive results by using Invisalign, which can provide orthodontic corrections without disrupting your appearance. By wearing clear aligners, you can gradually move your teeth into their optimal positions, and enjoy great cosmetic and oral health benefits.

Your Initial Appointments

The first step in undergoing care with Invisalign is simply making sure you qualify for the treatment. There are cases where a person will need a more involved treatment, which can make metal braces a necessity. If you do qualify, your dentist will move forward by taking impressions of your teeth, which will be used to craft your custom appliances. You will wear several Invisalign aligners over the course of your treatment, with each aligner helping you come closer to your final improvements.

Starting Treatment With Your Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign will make a smaller impact on how you look, which can keep you from growing self-conscious. They can also be removed by you, so you can take them out when you need to eat, or when it is time for you to clean your teeth. What you should know is that removing them too often, or leaving them off for longer stretches, can delay your treatment time. Invisalign will not require the making of any manual adjustments, so you will have fewer appointments over the course of treatment than you would with metal braces.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Beginning The Invisalign Treatment Process

At Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, you can look forward to making big smile changes with Invisalign. This approach to orthodontic care can make remarkable improvements if you have spacing or alignment issues. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pizzi, Dr. Mehdi, and colleagues by calling (508) 842-8838. Located in Shrewsbury, MA, we are proud to welcome patients from Worcester, North and South Grafton, Westborough, Southborough, Northborough, Boylston, Hopkinton, Millbury, and all other neighboring communities.