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Delaying Necessary Dental Care Can Lead To Complications

If you have a cavity, and go in for treatment today, your dentist may determine that you will only need a filling to support your tooth after decay is removed. However, if you have a cavity, and continually put off the restorative dental work that you need, that tooth may need more involved care by the time you do seek treatment. As time passes, a dental problem will continue to worsen. Our teeth can recover from small amounts of decay, but a cavity will only continue to do damage after it forms. Of course, this is not the only health concern that deserves prompt action. If you notice signs of a periodontal infection, make sure you see your dentist for help, as advanced gum disease can lead to serious complications.

Untreated Gum Disease Can Lead To Tooth Loss

Your dentist can treat gingivitis by providing you with an ultrasonic scaling, which can restore your gum tissue. Gingivitis is an earlier stage of poor periodontal health – if you wait too long to treat the problem, it can worsen. If you develop advanced gum disease, you can suffer tissue damage that may lead to teeth becoming unsupported, and lost!

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Ignore A Toothache

A persistent toothache may be the consequence of a cavity that has reached your tooth’s pulp. If this has occurred, a root canal needs to be performed on your tooth. If this does not take place, bacteria can destroy the tooth’s living tissue, and cause damage serious enough to make a tooth extraction necessary. If you do receive treatment before this happens, your root canal can stop an infection, and your tooth can be protected with a dental crown.

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