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Is Dehydration Affecting Your Cavity Risk?

Proper hydration is important to keeping you in good general health. It is highly important to stay hydrated if you are engaged in rigorous athletic activity, and beneficial to your overall well-being. What you might not realize is that staying hydrated can actually influence your oral health. Patients who are dehydrated can actually face a greater cavity risk. One reason for this is simply that water can help rinse your mouth clean, and remove harmful particles that might lead to tooth decay. Dehydration also impacts you because it can make it harder to produce saliva. Your saliva helps keep your mouth clean, and it can help by neutralizing harmful bacteria.

Fitting More Water Into Your Daily Life

If you are worried that you might be dehydrated, one simple response is to look for ways to fit in more water during the day. Many people will keep a large bottle of water at their desk, and drink from it throughout their work day.

Replacing Soft Drinks With Water Can Help Guard You Against Tooth Decay

If you want to better improve your oral health defense, and avoid tooth decay, think about replacing soft drinks with water when you dine. You are putting more water in your daily diet, while also eliminating a source of sugar, further benefiting your oral health.

Paying Attention To Issues Of Dry Mouth

Dry mouth may be a symptom of dehydration, but it can also come as a side effect to many medications. If you think a certain medication you are taking is affecting you in this way, let your doctor know. If this is a persistent problem, you and your dentist can discuss strategies for protecting your smile. This can include increasing the frequency of your regular dental exams.

Worried Dehydration May Be Affecting Your Cavity Risk? Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury

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