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Quiz: Responding To Issues That Demand Endodontic Care

Restorative dental care can manage many different issues. In cases where you simply need to address a cavity that has begun to form, your dentist can excise an area of decay, then restore your tooth with a dental filling. If you have a problem that affects the interior of your tooth, the care you need can become more complicated. Endodontic treatment refers to procedures addressing issues relating to the interior of your tooth. This could be a straightforward root canal procedure, where your dentist removes an infection from your pulp, thereby putting a stop to a more advanced cavity. However, endodontic work can also be performed in response to dental damage, or to address a problem with a tooth that has already undergone a root canal.


True Or False: An apicoectomy involves the removal of infected tissue, as well as the small root end of your tooth.

True Or False: Some patients will require a root canal retreatment, which involves work for a tooth that has previously undergone endodontic work. If it has been more than one month since your initial root canal, you can be sure you will not need to undergo a root canal retreatment.

True Or False: It is sometimes necessary to perform a root canal treatment on an injured tooth.


True! An apicoectomy is a form of root canal surgery. After removing infected tissue, and the end of the root, a filling will be placed in order to protect you against re-infection.

False! A root canal retreatment may be needed months after your initial root canal. In some cases, this procedure may be required years after the initial work was completed.

True! Dental damage from an injury may make a root canal treatment necessary, to protect you against infections.

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