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3 Things You Should Know About E4D Dental Crowns

Why should you care that your dentist can provide you with an E4D dental crown? What makes this type of crown special? Dental crowns have long been trusted to protect teeth that have been made vulnerable by damage or tooth decay. While many people still imagine crowns made from metal, which can make them a conspicuous part of your smile, modern materials can provide you with a more appearance-friendly restoration. Thanks to E4D technology in the office, your dentist can offer you a life-like crown that is ready after a single appointment. This added convenience means your smile has the durable, dependable support it needs without a frustrating delay.

1. E4D Technology Makes It Possible To Produce Your Crown Over The Course Of One Visit

A one-visit dental crown offers long-term protection sooner. Without this technology, you would have to rely on a temporary crown, which may be a poor fit, while your permanent crown is constructed.

2. Your E4D Crown Can Look Like A Natural Tooth

Your E4D crown will be made from ceramic, which is popular because it can closely match the appearance of natural teeth. In addition to providing restorative support for your tooth, the crown has a cosmetic benefit, too.

3. You Can Count On Your E4D Crown For Functional Support

With a crown in place, you should be able to enjoy the support you need to safely bite and chew food. This return to a natural dental function is important. When you can trust your crown to bite and chew, you can distribute the forces generated by these actions more evenly. A compromised jaw function can lead to an excess strain put on teeth, which can lead to more problems.

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