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Quiz: What Can A Cavity Do To A Tooth?

Practicing smart smile care can help you limit the possibility of developing a cavity. While the importance of cavity prevention can be easily understood, you may have questions about what, exactly, a cavity does to your tooth. Small amounts of decay will form on our enamel as oral bacteria produce harmful acids. While your teeth can recover from some decay, they are not able to heal when a cavity forms. Once a cavity is created, the harm will continue to spread – you can develop an internal infection, lose your tooth, and have an infection travel through your root, and into your jawbone. Fortunately, restorative dental care from your dentist can put a stop to that growth, while making sure your tooth has protection after decay is removed.


True Or False: If a cavity forms, you can stop it from growing larger by spending more time brushing your teeth in the morning.

True Or False: After removing decay, your dentist has to provide a restoration for your tooth.

True Or False: A cavity that goes untreated can create serious oral health trouble – your tooth can ultimately become so damaged that your dentist is unable to save it!


False! Once a cavity forms, you need to see your dentist to have it treated. It will continue to spread until it is addressed through professional care.

True! A dental filling or dental crown will be used to support your tooth after a procedure is performed. A restoration is necessary to make sure your tooth is safe from infection, and strong enough to hold up to biting and chewing pressures.

True! A cavity is serious, especially when you do not receive prompt care. If you wait too long, the only treatment left to your dentist may be to extract the tooth.

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