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How Can I Recognize When I Have A Periodontal Health Issue?

The health of your gums is something you should take seriously. If a periodontal problem is allowed to go unaddressed, it can worsen, and become difficult to manage. The consequences at this point are serious – gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss for adults due to the complications that can arise. With this in mind, you may be concerned about how you can recognize when you need treatment for gum disease. If you notice that your gums feel sensitive, or look red or swollen, you may be dealing with evidence of an infection. If it is hard to clean your teeth without causing some bleeding in your gums, this can also be a worrying sign. Fortunately, your dentist’s office can help by providing you with an ultrasonic scaling.

Your Dentist May Recommend An Ultrasonic Scaling If You Have Periodontal Troubles

An ultrasonic scaling is a more involved cleaning treatment that can help deal with gum disease. When you exhibit signs of gingivitis, the initial stage of an infection, your dentist can use an ultrasonic scaling to remove harmful bacteria under your gum line. This type of cleaning goes beyond the routine dental cleaning that is performed during a dental exam.

Why Gum Disease And Tooth Loss Are Linked

Why would gum disease have any affect on tooth loss? In its early stage, an infection can be reversed, but a more advanced condition can be harder to treat. If you develop this more severe gum disease, bacteria can begin breaking down the tissues supporting your teeth. When this attack on your tissues occurs, your teeth may need to be extracted, or they could be lost on their own.

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