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Making Sure Care Is Available After A Dental Emergency

A dental emergency can be a tough, distressing issue to face. In addition to discomfort, you can feel anxiety at the thought of dental damage permanently altering your smile. Our practice makes sure our patients have access to emergency care when it is needed. Even if a problem that occurs outside of office hours, or on a weekend, arrangements can be made for you to receive the care you require. The type of treatment involved in an emergency appointment will differ based on the issue you face. You can rest assured that your dentist is prepared to restore a damaged tooth, and they can talk to you about natural-looking prosthetic dental work if it is not possible to save your tooth.

Emergency Care Can Restore Your Oral Health, And Your Smile

When your dentist provides emergency dental treatment, their goal is to stop your discomfort, and make sure you fully heal from any harm you have suffered. Unfortunately, our teeth are not able to restore themselves like our bodies can. If you suffer physical trauma in the form of chipping or cracking, this can be permanent. To address the problem, your dentist is able to provide you with a life-like dental crown. Our office has E4D technology that makes it possible to restore your tooth in just one appointment!

Should I Worry About Tooth Pain If There Are No Visible Signs Of Tooth Damage?

If you feel that a dental injury only needs care in the event of visible damage, you should know that this is not always the case. It is possible for an intact tooth to suffer internal troubles, which will need attention. A root canal may have to be performed to address this issue.

Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury Can Help You Address A Dental Emergency

At Modern Dentistry of Shrewsbury, our patients can rest assured that they have access to emergency dental care when they need it. In addition to this prompt care, our office is ready to help you address restorative or cosmetic concerns that may require attention. Contact us to schedule an appointment with Dr. Pizzi, Dr. Mehdi, and colleagues by calling our office at (508) 842-8838. Located in Shrewsbury, MA, we proudly welcome patients from Worcester, North and South Grafton, Westborough, Southborough, Northborough, Boylston, Hopkinton, Millbury, and all surrounding communities.