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3 Tips To Help Keep Your Child’s Smile Healthy

When you are a parent, you have more than just your own smile to worry about when it comes to oral health care. Kids, particularly when they are younger, can have trouble doing what is necessary to protect themselves from cavities. This is partly because they are new to these habits, and because they can be less clear on why they are so important. One reason you should plan to arrange dental visits at an early age is that your dentist can take time to teach kids the importance of keeping their teeth in good shape. They can also offer extra support with fluoride and dental sealants. As valuable as these appointments can be, you should remember that you can still play an important part in keeping your child’s smile healthy.

1. Set A Good Example

How can you set a good example for your child when it comes to oral care? One thing you can do is make sure you are also attending regular dental exams, so you can demonstrate how important they are. You can also set a good example by brushing and flossing with your younger children, and helping them learn how to practice these habits.

2. Make Sure They Start Seeing The Dentist At A Young Age

Early dental appointments can focus on making kids feel comfortable at the dentist’s office. That early acclimation can make them more comfortable with future visits, and help them appreciate good dental care.

3. Think About Ways To Help Them Limit Their Sugar Intake

Kids tend to love sweet, sugary snacks, and it can be hard to make them understand why limiting them is so important. Be mindful of this when you plan their meals, as they may enjoy more sugary goods at friends’ houses and school than you realize.

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