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Modern Restorations Protect Teeth, And Preserve Your Smile

When your tooth develops a cavity, there is no way to save you from losing some dental material. The decay is not reversible, and your tooth will not regrow enamel to replace what has been lost. A restoration will be a permanent necessity if you need treatment for tooth decay. In the past, restorative dental work would conclude with the fitting of a metal filling or crown. That could protect the tooth, but it would disrupt your appearance. Because your dentist now uses more modern materials, that cosmetic disruption no longer needs to take place. Composite resin dental fillings and dental crowns made from ceramic are able to protect a vulnerable tooth, while blending in with your smile.

Undergoing Treatment To Address A Dental Issue

When you need to have your tooth treated, your dentist will take care of several pressing issues. The first matter is simply to remove the decayed portion of your tooth. To address what has been removed, a filling or crown will be put in place. Your dentist will take care to make sure this experience is as comfortable as possible, even if your treatment demands a root canal procedure. If you find yourself hesitating to book that appointment for cavity care, remember that waiting will allow decay to worsen, and damage more of your tooth!

Making Sure Your Restoration Lasts

The restoration you receive is permanent. Fortunately, the materials used to protect vulnerable teeth combine attractiveness with durability. Of course, if you practice poor preventive care, your filling or crown may not last as long as you hope. It is important to see your dentist regularly, so they can review the condition of your filling or crown. These visits will also provide you with a detailed dental cleaning, which can help stop future problems.

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