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How Fluoride Helps You Keep Your Smile Cavity-Free

When it comes to stopping the formation of cavities, you know you need to keep up with good brushing and flossing habits. You also know to avoid consuming too much sugar. With these smart daily habits, and regular dental exams, you can do a great job defending your smile against tooth decay. What you might not realize is how fluoride helps to protect your smile. Fluoride, like calcium, is a beneficial mineral when it comes to preventing dental problems. Fluoride helps by encouraging a faster recovery when your enamel experiences decay. While fluoride will not reverse an already-formed cavity, it will make it easier for your teeth to rebuild from harm that could turn into a cavity. Fluoride can be found in tap water sources, and it should be a listed ingredient in your toothpaste.

Making Sure You Are Using The Right Toothpaste To Effectively Prevent Tooth Decay

What is the connection between fluoride and your toothpaste? If you use a toothpaste that shows an ADA Seal Of Acceptance, you can count on it to provide fluoride. Individuals are sometimes surprised to find that, despite their efforts to keep their teeth clean, they have cavities that need restorative dental care. While many factors can lead to tooth decay, an inferior toothpaste can certainly leave you at an unexpected disadvantage!

Fluoride And Children’s Dentistry

Fluoride treatments are used during pediatric dental visits, to give kids an extra level of preventive support. These treatments, along with the placement of dental sealants, can give your child an important degree of protection, which can help them keep their teeth healthy.

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