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Planning Great Dental Work With 3D Imaging Technology

Excellent dental work requires excellent planning. When your Shrewsbury, MA dentist plans dental treatments that are intended to restore someone’s smile, they can use 3D imaging technology to carefully map that person’s teeth and oral structures. What do patients gain from having 3D images taken? This technology makes it possible to create a remarkably detailed image that can be used to develop restorations in less time. These images can be ready instantly, and your dentist can actually use the data to show you what a procedure will do for your appearance. Those images can also be used to help explain upcoming work, to help patients feel more informed and involved during their treatment experience.

The Importance Of Taking A Careful Look At Your Smile

The detailed visual information gathered through 3D imaging can be useful to cosmetic dental work, and it can help with the planning of restorative dental procedures. 3D images can be used to help construct a plan for more involved treatments, like a smile makeover, or the placement of dental implants. They also help your dentist design your same-day dental crown.

The Difference Between 3D Imaging And Digital X-Rays

3D images are not taken at routine dental appointments. However, your dentist will use digital x-rays to examine your smile. Those x-rays are taken to maintain an ongoing record of your oral health. Attending routine dental exams will help you keep up with any changes that are affecting your smile. Of course, these visits are also important because the review and dental cleaning you receive will help you fight future issues. Simply put, when you are consistent with those visits, you can be less likely to need a treatment that requires 3D imaging.

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