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Quiz: What’s Really Affecting The Color Of Your Smile?

Why is your smile looking duller and less white than before? What problem (or problems) can you point to if your teeth appear discolored? You may not think it matters to know why your teeth are discolored, as your interest is solely in fixing the issue. What you should know is that when it comes to planning the appropriate cosmetic dental treatment, the cause of discoloration does matter. Many people come in for help to address enamel stains caused by different foods and drinks, or from a history of using tobacco products. However, other patients will come in seeking help for intrinsic discoloration, a problem that a professional whitening treatment can be less effective at solving. Your Shrewsbury, MA dentist can identify the cause of your cosmetic concerns, and recommend the right approach to make valued changes.


True Or False: Chromogens and tannins left on your teeth from certain foods and drinks can stick to your enamel, and cause discoloration.

True Or False: After physical trauma, a tooth may change color.

True Or False: Intrinsic discoloration is a result of problems within a tooth. A professional whitening treatment is typically just as effective at addressing this kind of discoloration as it is stains in your enamel.


True! Enamel stains happen when particles from foods and drinks leave stains behind. Fortunately, a professional whitening treatment can remove those stains, even deeper stains that are difficult to remedy with over the counter products.

True! As a response to a physical injury, a tooth can produce more dentin, the layer under your enamel. This can lead to an unwelcome change in the tooth’s color.

False! In cases where a person’s smile is affected by intrinsic discoloration, your dentist can recommend porcelain veneers to hide flaws.

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