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Can A Serious Cavity Really Cause Me To Lose A Tooth?

How much can decay ultimately do to a person’s tooth? When a cavity forms, its only initial damage will be to a person’s enamel. However, if that cavity is given time to continue growing, bacteria can reach your pulp (the inner chamber of your tooth), and begin attacking the nerves that support the tooth’s health. It is possible to save a tooth at this point with a root canal procedure. If treatment is not performed at this stage, bacteria can eventually spread through a tooth’s roots, create new infections, and leave no treatment option left other than a tooth extraction. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, we are prepared to help patients deal with advanced cavities. We are also able to provide important preventive services that keep you informed about your oral health so that problems can be stopped before they become serious.

A Cavity Can Be Increasingly Harmful To A Tooth Over Time

Prompt treatment for a cavity is important, because decay will become increasingly severe over time if you do not seek help from your dentist. The treatment that you require can also be affected by the severity of your cavity. When decay passes through your enamel and is able to infiltrate your pulp, you can experience discomfort and sensitivity in your tooth that are hard to ignore. While it is not necessary in a cavity’s early stages, a root canal is required when decay causes this type of damage. Our goal is to limit the amount of work done on a tooth when cavity trouble needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, when patients put off care, more involved services are ultimately required.

Restoring A Tooth Affected By Advanced Decay

What can you expect if you require treatment for a cavity that has led to an internal infection? Through a root canal procedure, your dentist is able to remove infected tissue and seal your pulp against further damage. Once this is completed, the tooth can be restored with the placement of a dental crown. Because our practice uses E4D technology, a custom restoration can be ready for you in just one appointment, so you can finish treatment without a frustrating waiting period.

What Will Happen If My Tooth Cannot Be Saved?

If a tooth has been too badly damaged to be saved, your dentist can prepare a safe extraction. Having a tooth professionally removed can ensure that there are no complications, and that you are ready to move forward with the placement of a dental prosthetic.

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