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Professional Dental Cleanings Remove Tartar Buildup

Are you doing a good job protecting your teeth from cavities and gum disease? When you brush and floss, you remove harmful agents that put you at risk for oral health trouble, and keep your smile safe against threats that require restorative dental work. A good daily oral care routine protects you against plaque buildup, and the formation of tartar. While your daily behaviors are important, you should make sure you are still scheduling semiannual dental exams. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental office, we provide important preventive services for our patients. One service we take care to provide is a professional dental cleaning. When your teeth are expertly cleaned, harmful agents are completely removed. This care even provides for the removal of tartar, which can persist despite your brushing and flossing efforts.

Why Can’t I Take Care Of Tartar Myself?

When you clean your teeth yourself, you can remove plaque and sticky food debris that might be present on your teeth. A good routine can stop tartar from forming, but daily care is not enough to remove tartar deposits that have already formed. Tartar forms when plaque deposits are not cleared away in time, and harden on teeth. The substance requires a professional cleaning to remove, as brushing and flossing alone are not enough to take care of tartar.

The Role Expert Preventive Care Plays In Maintaining Your Oral Health

At every routine preventive dental visit, patients receive benefits from both a thorough teeth cleaning, and a close evaluation of their smile. Cleanings remove tartar and other harmful agents, which will protect you from future problems with your oral health. During your evaluation, your teeth and gums are closely watched for any signs of trouble. If you have a recently-formed cavity, or if you are starting to show signs of gingivitis, we can talk to you about scheduling appropriate care.

Problem Identified During A Checkup? We Offer Modern, Lifelike Dental Restorations!

What happens if an oral health issue is identified during your evaluation? Our practice offers many different restorative dental procedures, and we are prepared to help restore your oral health. If you have a cavity, we can make sure that decay is fully removed before placing a lifelike dental filling or custom dental crown. If the problem is with periodontal health, we can arrange an ultrasonic scaling, a more involved cleaning that removes harmful bacteria from beneath your gums.

Arrange Your Next Dental Cleaning At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury!

At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury, we are ready to help you enjoy better smile health by providing thorough dental cleanings and evaluations. In addition to fighting the buildup of plaque and tartar at these appointments, we take the time to thoroughly study your oral health for any signs of trouble that will require treatment. Contact us to schedule an appointment at (508) 842-8838.