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Has Past Tobacco Use Stained Your Teeth? We Can Help

By making the effort to quit using tobacco products like cigarettes and smokeless tobacco, you can give yourself better protection against potentially serious health troubles. While cutting these products from your life can help you limit your risk for health problems, including oral health issues like gum disease and oral cancer, the stains that tobacco leaves on teeth can linger long after your habit is abandoned. If you have attempted to remove these stains with whitening toothpastes, or with store bought whitening agents, you may have felt concerned at the lack of meaningful results you enjoyed. At our Shrewsbury, MA dental practice, you can learn about the benefits of a professional whitening treatment, which can effectively take care of stains that store bought products typically fail to address.

Stubborn Teeth Stains Can Be Difficult To Fully Address

While over the counter whitening agents can help people who want to remove surface stains, those stains that have settled in your enamel can be more difficult to remove. As the particles that hurt the color of your teeth settle in deeper layers of your enamel, you can have a difficult time making the kind of improvements you would like. Thankfully, professional teeth whitening treatments offer more potent solutions for problems with these stains.

Scheduling Your Teeth Whitening Procedure

When you arrange a professional whitening treatment at our practice, you can come in for a single-visit session where advanced whitening gels are applied to your teeth, and activated with a special curing light. This single session is all that you can require in order to finally be rid of the stains that have long made you self-conscious. With that said, you will be sent home with a whitening kit that you can use on your own time. By using this kit to “touch up” your smile when it seems necessary, you can avoid another situation where your teeth have become noticeably dull.

We Can Discuss Other Cosmetic Treatment Options With You

We provide several cosmetic dental treatment options for our patients, and we can find a procedure that best fits your needs. Serious dental discoloration is not always caused by teeth stains – in some circumstances, patients can require help with intrinsic discoloration. If this is the case for you, we can recommend using porcelain veneers to cover up the blemishes that whitening agents are not effective against. This also provides you with the opportunity to improve the shape, general condition, and even alignment of teeth!

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury To Learn How You Can Restore The Color Of Your Smile

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