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Do I Really Need My Dentist To Tell Me I Have A Cavity?

If a problem starts to affect your health, you should expect to feel some symptoms letting you know there is cause for concern. A cavity can make a tooth sensitive or painful, and may make it hard for you to bite, chew, or even talk without some discomfort. With that said, it can take time for decay to become serious enough to affect you in this way. When a cavity first forms, and starts to damage your enamel, it may escape your notice. Fortunately, a problem in its early stage can be identified by your Shrewsbury, MA dentist during your routine dental checkup. When that early identification occurs, you can have the appropriate restorative dental procedure before the matter has the opportunity to grow more serious.

Tooth Decay Can Start To Affect Your Tooth Before You Realize Something Is Wrong

Oral bacteria can pose a constant threat to a person’s smile. With proper brushing and flossing practices in place, you can remove bacteria and protect your enamel from damage, ultimately ensuring you prevent cavities. Unfortunately, people who generally do a good job taking care of their teeth can find themselves with at least one cavity in their lifetime. If decay does reach a point where your dentist will have to place a dental filling, you may not feel that something is wrong at first. However, over time you may start to experience pain and sensitivity, or even see a change in the appearance of your tooth.

We Can Find The Right Approach To Restoring Your Tooth

If you are consistently seeing your dentist for checkups, a newly-formed cavity can be recognized and addressed with a dental filling. We use tooth-colored fillings that bond to your tooth, providing you a natural-looking and durable solution to the problem. For patients who come in with a cavity that has enjoyed time to grow and worsen, a dental crown can be required in order to make sure your tooth has enough support. In cases where pain and sensitivity are a concern, a root canal procedure can be necessary.

Make Sure You Stay Consistent With Exams To Avoid Future Cavities

At every dental exam, your dentist is able to check your smile for any signs of decay that should be addressed professionally. This is an important benefit, but it is just one of many reasons you should visit your dentist regularly. You can also receive support against problems like gum disease and TMJ disorder at these appointments, and a routine teeth cleaning that can make future cavities less likely.

Talk To Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury About Your Cavity Concerns

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