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Make Better Snacking Choices To Prevent Cavities

If you want to protect your teeth from cavities, brushing is certainly important but it is not the only action you can take to make sure your smile stays healthy. Brushing and flossing are both meaningful, but you should also pay attention to what you are eating or drinking, even between meals. Your choices throughout the day can put you at risk for tooth decay because you may be feeding oral bacteria more than you realize. Our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office can talk with you about how you can make positive changes during your next routine dental exam, particularly if you have struggled with cavity troubles.

Is Your Current Diet Making It Hard For You To Maintain A Healthy Smile?

Even if you regularly brush and floss your teeth, you may have a difficult time preventing cavities from forming because of your diet. Throughout the day, eating and drinking sugary products can feed oral bacteria that produce harmful acids. Those acids can wear down your enamel to the point that decay becomes an issue that requires restorative dental work. Many people are familiar with the damage that too much sugar can cause. What they might not account for is how their behaviors are putting them at risk, even if they feel “aware” of the risks sugar can pose.

Common Snacking Mistakes You Should Avoid

During your workday, it may be easy to satisfy cravings by heading to your nearest vending machine, but this can become a problem as you increase your risk for cavities. Instead of trying to rely on vending machine snacks for satiation, bring items like vegetables, healthy fruits, or almonds to curb cravings. These healthier choices protect you by being lower in sugar. These products can also be less sticky, so they are less likely to cling to your teeth.

While traveling, it can be easy to stop at fast food restaurants or rest stops for items to eat. As with work, packing snacks for the road can help you cut back on unhealthy products that increase your risk for decay.

Additional Changes You Can Make To Avoid Cavities

If flossing is not part of your routine, you can be at greater risk for tooth decay and gum disease. This is because consistent brushing can fail to protect you against the buildup of bacteria in those spaces between teeth that are difficult to access. You should also be careful about brushing with too much force. While some people assume aggressive brushing helps remove more harmful plaque and food debris, this can end up causing enamel erosion that hurts your chances of avoid cavities.

Our Shrewsbury, MA Dentist’s Office Can Help You Prevent Cavities

At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury, we are ready to provide important preventive dental care at your routine dental exams. In addition to providing support at our practice, we can make recommendations to help you take better care of your teeth between visits. Contact us to schedule an appointment by calling our office at (508) 842-8838.