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How Dental Implants Fit Into Plans To Restore Your Smile

If your smile is lacking even one tooth, you should know that prosthetic dental work can have several benefits. In addition to improving the way you look, treatment to restore your full smile can give you better bite support, limit your risk for losing more teeth, and even help you prevent jawbone deterioration. These benefits are available to patients who receive a prosthetic held in place with a dental implant. Implants act as artificial “roots” that ensure a restoration remains securely held to your jaw. When you have an implant-held prosthetic appliance, you can find it easier to speak, bite, and chew the way you did before tooth loss. For those who need to replace several teeth, we can use multiple implants to hold larger restorations. We can even provide hybrid dentures for those who need to replace a row of teeth!

The Benefits To Keeping A Dental Prosthetic Secure

Our natural bite function is negatively affected when a problem affects just one tooth. Having one or more teeth missing from your smile can cause problems for you at meals, as it can interfere with your bite or even force changes on your diet. If you have a dental prosthetic that you can trust to remain secure, you can rely on it to absorb pressure whenever you bite down, removing the need to adjust your jaw movement. A stable prosthetic can also help you by keeping neighboring teeth from loosening over time, a problem that can lead to more tooth loss!

Receiving A Dental Implant

In order to support a restoration properly, a dental implant needs to be carefully placed so that it can provide the most support possible. At an initial evaluation, your dentist will take care to closely examine your jaw and determine the right placement angle and position. This appointment also gives us a chance to confirm that there are no health issues affecting your placement procedure. Once the necessary information is gathered, we can talk with you about arranging the procedure and having your implant put in place!

While dental bridges can be permanently placed without the support of a dental implant, implants provide a means of stabilizing prosthetic appliances without modifying your remaining teeth. Implants also create stimulation in your jawbone, a sensation that triggers the delivery of nutrients to the area and stops deterioration of the bone tissues from taking place.

Using Implants To Support Dentures

A series of dental implants are able to support dentures, which means you can avoid the frustration of having a loose denture to restore your smile. Just four to six implant posts are put in place to hold your custom denture. This makes the denture more dependable for biting and chewing, and it can make you more comfortable when speaking and smiling!

Learn More About Dental Implants During A Consultation At Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury

With dental implants, we can address the effects of tooth loss on your dental function as well as your smile! To learn how we can help restore the smiles of people in and around the Shrewsbury, MA and Grafton, MA communities, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508) 842-8838.