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What To Expect From Dentures Secured By Dental Implants

By providing a patient with dentures, we can give them renewed confidence in their smile. If you are currently seeking prosthetic work with dentures, or if you already have removable dentures, you may be concerned that they lack the bite support you want, or that they might be difficult to keep in place. With hybrid dentures, we can actually restore a person’s bite function with a prosthetic that remains securely in place. Hybrid dentures rely on a series of dental implants that keep the appliance held securely to your jaw. At our Shrewsbury, MA dentist’s office, we can meet with you to discuss the benefits of implant-held dentures, and walk you through what to expect when it comes to placing and restoring dental implants.

Enjoy Comfort And Better Bite Support With Hybrid Dentures

Removable dentures can give a person back their smile and make them more comfortable when speaking, laughing, and dining. However, they can lack the kind of support that makes them feel truly dependable when you eat, and they can grow less secure over time as jawbone deterioration affects your oral health and appearance. Implant-held dentures can protect you against these problems. The implants give you better support for your prosthetic so that you can bite and chew with less difficulty. When you perform these tasks, your implants will actually stimulate your jawbone, which will keep it from losing mass.

Making Plans To Provide An Implant-Held Denture

With just four to six dental implants, we can secure a permanent, custom-made dentures that allows you to bite, chew, speak, and laugh without concerns that your restoration might slip out of place. At an initial appointment, we will evaluate you to make sure that your jawbone is ready to support these posts, and to make sure that there are no other oral health issues interfering with plans to treat you. Once this work is done, we can determine where your implants should be placed to provide the ideal support for your prosthetic. A healing period before the placement of your denture gives time for your jaw to recover from the placement process. In the course of that period, a process called osseointegration will see the bone fuse to your implants. The denture that we provide will be custom-made, ensuring that it is the right shape and size to improve your smile and dental health.

How Implants Support Your Dental Health In The Long Term

When you are able to bite and chew with a fixed prosthetic, you will have an easier time enjoying a wide range of foods. This allows you to keep a varied, nutrient-rich diet that better supports your overall health. Biting and chewing with an implant-held appliance gives you better support for your jaw health, as the stimulation created by these actions will act as signals for your body to continue delivering nutrients to the bone.

Talk To Your Shrewsbury, MA Dentist About Implant-Held Dentures

Our dental office is prepared to help people in Shrewsbury, MA and Grafton, MA tackle serious problems with their dental health, including problems with advanced tooth loss. To learn more about hybrid dentures, or to discuss other forms of prosthetic care, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508) 842-8838.