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How Implant Dentistry Improves A Person’s Bite Function

Losing teeth means more than just experiencing a loss of confidence in your smile. A single gap in your smile can change the way you bite and chew for the worse, and that can lead to trouble with your ability to maintain a healthy and varied diet. It can also lead to a gradual increase in wear and tear for remaining teeth, and for a heightened risk for problems with bruxism. At our dentist’s office in the Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area, we are prepared to work with patients who hope to do more than just address the cosmetic effects of tooth loss. Through implant dentistry, we can place permanent dental implants that will support your ability to bite and chew with your restoration. These small, titanium posts are capable of helping patients who need to address the loss of one tooth, but they can also effectively support larger restorations like dentures!

Tooth Loss Affects More Than Just Your Appearance

Healthy biting and chewing activities depend on a full set of teeth. If a single gap is present in your smile, it becomes more difficult for you to feel comfortable with the way you bite and chew. This problem can lead to the loss of more teeth, to issues with TMJ disorder that cause jaw pain and stiffness, and to a negative change in your diet. Fortunately, with the placement of dental implants it becomes possible to secure a permanent prosthetic appliance so that you can enjoy the cosmetic and functional benefits of a full smile!

Arranging Prosthetic Treatment With Dental Implants

The location and angle of a dental implant needs to be determined before one can be placed. Your dentist will take the time to carefully examine your jaw to find the right placement, and to make sure you are ready to move forward with your procedure. In some cases, the placement needs to be delayed so that periodontal treatment or restorative dental work can take place. Once you are given approval to move forward with placement, the procedure can be arranged. In the time after you receive your implant, your jawbone will fuse with the post that has been inserted to provide incredible support for it. After you heal, you will return to our practice to have your prosthetic tooth secured.

Implants Can Keep A Denture Secure

With the right placement of dental implants, we can address more than just a single missing tooth. Implant-held dentures help patients who have suffered significant tooth loss by giving them access to permanent restorations that can be trusted to provide better bite support as well as sustained comfort. This arrangement has several long-term benefits. One is that you can enjoy a more varied diet with better bite support. Another is that your implants will be able to stimulate your jawbone, keeping the bone healthy and avoiding a loss of density that affects how comfortable your restoration is.

Talk To Your Shrewsbury, MA Dentist About The Benefits Of Implant Dentistry

Our dentist’s office in the Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA area is ready to help patients who are tired of living with tooth loss and ready to take care of this frustrating issue. To find out more about how we can help you, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508) 842-8838.