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The Positive Impact Of Gum Contouring

Through the services that we offer, we can help patients take on many different issues that concern your smile. One approach we can take actually focuses on making changes to your gums, which can hurt your overall appearance if they look bulky or uneven. A gum contouring procedure smooths out bulky or awkward tissues and reveals more of your teeth if they look short or squat. At our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s office, we provide this as one of many services that can make fantastic improvements to the way you look! Whether you want to plan multiple treatments to enjoy your best smile or are focused on changing periodontal flaws, we are ready to help you see fantastic improvements.

The Appearance Of Your Gums Can Negatively Affect Your Smile

There is more to cosmetic dental work than just treatment to change the appearance of your teeth. Sometimes, problems with a person’s appearance are caused by bulky gum tissues, or uneven tissues that make their smile look asymmetrical. Recognizing this is an important first step to arranging the right care. Through a gum contouring treatment, we can give you a more symmetrical smile while also making your teeth appear longer and more uniform.

Arranging A Gum Contouring Treatment

Our gum contouring work is performed with laser technology. By using these tools instead of manual ones, we can make your experience easier and more comfortable. Lasers offer more accuracy, which helps us make more careful modifications and preserve more of your tissues that are not meant to be modified. This approach also leads to faster and easier healing, which means you can see your results in less time.

Should I Follow My Initial Treatment With Another Cosmetic Procedure?

One procedure is often enough to help people see their desired changes. However, if you are worried that you have many different improvements to make, we can help! You may want to follow gum contouring with another procedure, like teeth whitening treatment, which will give you a brighter smile as well as one that is more uniform. Both of these procedures make changes without having to modify your tooth structure, so you can see terrific improvements through surprisingly conservative methods.

Talk To Your Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA Dentist’s Office About Gum Contouring

We can do more to help patients who are concerned about smile flaws than you may realize. A procedure to even out your periodontal tissues or reduce them to show more of your teeth can have an exciting impact on your smile! Our Shrewsbury/Grafton, MA dentist’s office is happy to meet with you to discuss this service, and we can provide options that take on other potentially embarrassing flaws. If you would like to find out more, call Modern Dentistry Of Shrewsbury at (508) 842-8838.