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4 Reasons to Replace Your Missing Teeth

If you’ve had a tooth extracted or lost one or more teeth to another circumstance, than you may be all too familiar with missing spaces in your mouth. These gaps can affect your confidence, but there are more reasons than worries about appearance to consider replacing these missing teeth. Spaces left behind by missing teeth can impact your dental hygiene, the position of your remaining teeth, your speech, and your ability to chew. Dental prosthetics like dental bridges and dental implants can be the solution.

Why You Should Replace Missing Teeth

1. Get back your smile confidence: It’s not vain to want a smile you’re proud of. Smiling is our natural expression of happiness, and it can dampen your spirit if you’re embarrassed of your teeth and hesitant to smile. Replacing your missing teeth will restore your smile and your confidence.

2. Prevent your teeth from shifting: Gaps left behind from missing teeth mean there’s space for your remaining teeth to shift and move out of place. This can negatively affect your bite and tooth alignment. Dental bridges and dental implants both fill the space left behind and prevent teeth from shifting.

3. Restore your speech and chewing abilities: Have you noticed changes in your speech since you lost your teeth? It’s also likely you’ve had increased difficulty chewing with missing teeth. When you have missing teeth, more pressure is placed on the surfaces of your remaining teeth while you’re eating, so not only is the simple act of chewing harder but the lack of teeth means you’re wearing out the teeth you do have.

4. Improve your dental hygiene: Open gaps and holes in your mouth become traps for food debris and plaque build-up. Covering your open space with a dental bridge or replacing the tooth with a dental implant prevents exposing your gums to periodontal disease.


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